Fire search system

The fire search system is one of the automatic or automatic extinguishing systems and the best in extinguishing the electrical panels as well as the control panels and the computer. The currency system is a cylinder of different sizes when the system senses a high temperature that allows emptying the content of the extinguishing cylinder. […]

Fire Hood extinguishing system

This system is used to put out kitchen fires resulting from the accumulation of grease in chimneys or fires resulting from grills, fryers and stoves, which cause large fires to be extinguished by chemical liquidIt is a very important system in hotels and restaurants

Means of fighting fire

Rise up is originated in the field of light, paint, pioneer, or a different material, or a different material, or a different material, fabrics, and these three factors are called ignition. Volume 0% fire fighting for fire fighting canceling the abolition of one of the sides of the ignition triangle in what is known as […]