Means of fighting fire

Rise up is originated in the field of light, paint, pioneer, or a different material, or a different material, or a different material, fabrics, and these three factors are called ignition.

Volume 0% fire fighting for fire fighting canceling the abolition of one of the sides of the ignition triangle in what is known as the extinguishing theory, through:

Fire cooling: in which the temperature of the combustible materials that use water is reduced; Because of the high temperature. Fire throttle: and in which it is forbidden?

And that is through foreign tourism, by spreading it in the wake of the windows. Separating the fires from the burning materials, by blasting with dynamite, the method used in oil well fires. Covering the burning material with a chemical foaming agent. Substitution of oxygen by halogen vapors, or carbon dioxide.

In the case of a fire that spreads to some of the materials used in the fire: through some of the materials that are used in the fire.

Keep flammable materials such as alcohol, furniture, papers, oil attachments away from the heat. Remove this image from the factory, again, again, when it is ignited from the factory, so I send it from the factory, in one of the fields in the fields in it. In this case, beware of combustion in this case, and of these parts reaching other combustible sections. Extinguishing the fire after it ignites, but God warns from the beginning.

This is done by: installing a fire alarm in all rooms of the building; Contamination from fire when starting to ignite, fabric printed on it. Training of individuals on how to deal with accessible facilities.

, Carbon dioxide gases, carbon dioxide gases, refrigerant gases. Putting fire extinguishing tools in a hard-to-reach position. Study the causes of fires and warn of them,

For example No transportable items are allowed again. Electrical contact. Leave ignition materials in places with high temperatures. Leaving the heater on, or throwing lit cigarettes on a flammable substance.

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